Objective Evaluation And Treatment Of Auto Accident Injuries

When involved in an auto accident, it is important to consult a doctor as early as possible, in order to minimize any complications and ensure the best possible post accident outcome. It’s particularly important that the doctor you choose will give you an objective medical opinion about your injury. Unfortunately, car accidents are very common. If you happen to be involved in one, do yourself a favor and find the best auto injury doctor near you. 

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It is a medical doctor who specializes in treating auto accident-related injuries, such as concussions, broken bones, and neck, back or spinal injuries. An auto injury doctor is well informed about how to manage auto accident injuries, knows how personal injury cases work, and is not intimidated by the legal aspects of the procedure. He or she is a specialist who, unike doctors of other expertises, is able to properly diagnose your health issue, get to the root cause of your pain symptoms, and recommend a relevant and effective treatment.

Dr. Susanti Chowdhury – a top auto injury doctor in Largo

Dr. Chowdhury specializes in the objective evaluation and treatment of auto accident injuries in Largo, Pinellas Park, Bradenton, and Lakeland. This includes all motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle injuries, car accidents, trucks, and collisions. If you are involved in a car accident, make sure that you immediately take the right steps to protect your rights.

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Despite enormous progress in automotive safety technology, the number of auto accident injuries and fatalities continues to rise across the world. The main reason for these accidents is human behavior and neglect of safety rules.

The five leading causes of motor vehicle accidents include:

Distracted drivers

Sleepy drivers

Drivers under the influence of alcohol

Reckless speeding drivers

Aggressive drivers

Many of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents are preventable. Drivers who use their smart devices while driving are making a conscious decision to do, which endangers themselves and everyone else on the roads. Drivers who speed, tailgate, and drive recklessly are making a similarly conscious decision to endanger themselves and everyone else.

Auto accident doctor Dr. Chowdhury in Largo urges drivers not to drive if they feel exhausted or sleepy. Even a few seconds of being distracted on the road can have fatal consequences.

The most irresponsible behavior of a driver is driving intoxicated. At our clinic in Largo, we deal with cases assisting local families devastated by the negligent actions of drivers who drove drowsy or under the influence of alcohol.

Common Mistakes

After being involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident in Florida

There are common mistakes which patients make after sustaining an auto accident injury. First and foremost, even if you do not initially feel any pain following your auto accident, it’s important to consult a doctor to ensure there are no delayed-­onset injuries. Many patients often report injuries only several days after their motor vehicle accident, which could have been prevented or minimized if a doctor had been consulted earlier. The doctor should give you an objective medical evaluation to ascertain if there is a genuine injury or not. Always tell your auto accident doctor about any and all of your current and previous injuries or conditions!

Moreover, from a legal perspective, there are implications of not reporting your auto accident injury immediately after the Motor Vehicle Accident. Attorneys advise that you report your injury straight away to ensure that the cost of any necessary medical treatment is covered by your insurance company. Conversely, if there are no genuine injuries resulting from the auto accident, the doctor will be able to provide objective medical evidence of this.


Many insurance companies need documentation provided specifically by a car accident doctor. Family doctors (who don’t handle auto accidents) will usually look you over and send you home with painkillers and muscle relaxers, or refer you to a car accident doctor, so in the end, you’ll just have wasted time by not going to a car accident doctor straight away! Without proof that you incurred your injury from your car accident, your lawyer will have a hard time proving your case. Despite legal requirements, auto accident doctors have narrow specialization and distinctive knowledge of car injuries, which helps proper diagnosis and treatment.


Depending on the type of auto accident injury which you sustain, there are many possible procedures in order to return you to full fitness and reduce any pain created by your Motor Vehicle Accident:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and back pain
  • Hand & wrist surgery
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative excercise programs
  • Facial pain
  • Post surgical pain

Auto accidents happen and often result in injury, pain, anxiety, and stress. Whether you know you’re injured or think you’re fine, it’s important to seek qualified, medical care after every automobile accident. The goal of auto accident doctors in Largo is to help you heal and enjoy life faster. Dr. Chowdhury specializes in treating patients suffering from accident injuries, including whiplash, back pain, knee injuries, and more. 

For your convenience, we offer all our services, including checkups, imaging, and physical therapy in one location so you won’t have to search around for the aforementioned services. 

Get back to your life faster with our unsurpassed accessibility, convenience, and affordability!

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